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Jacob O. Layer DMD, PC October 2016 Newsletter
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Protecting Your Child's Teeth At Halloween
Halloween is a favorite time of year for kids. The fun of costumes, decorations, pumpkin patches, and parties is offset by the large amount of sugary treats many children consume. This holiday season, follow the guidelines below for healthy smiles.

Choose chocolates over hard candy - Hard candy is the type that slowly gets eaten as it dissolves in the mouth. The longer a piece of candy sits in your child's mouth, the more opportunity there is for the acids to break down their teeth and cause decay. Chocolate is softer and kinder to your child's teeth.
Avoid gummy, sticky candies - Sticky candy stays on the surface of the teeth long after your child is done eating it. The longer the candy sits there, the more risk your child is at for tooth decay. Candy that is sticky, such as gummy bears, is very hard for saliva to wash away, and can be hard to brush off, leaving the teeth at risk for decay.
Replace sugary bubblegum with sugar-free or xylitol gum - Sugarless gum helps to promote saliva production which helps to wash away the bacteria in your child's mouth. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that inhibits the bacteria that cause cavities and is the best substitute for sugary gums.
Enjoy Halloween candy with a meal - It is best to consume sugary snacks with a meal. The more you eat the more saliva the mouth produces. If your child consumes candy after eating a big meal, the sugar and bacteria is more likely to be washed away rather than sitting and causing decay.
Choose some, give the rest away! - During Halloween, Layerdental will buy your Halloween candy for $1 per pound and sending it overseas to troops serving and without families around to Trick or Treat with. Check our Facebook page. Or for more information see: http://www.halloweencandybuyback.com/.

Give Your Immune System a Boost at the Gym
With the cooler weather comes cold and flu season. Combining a healthy lifestyle with moderate, regular exercise including weightlifting, can have a positive effect on your immune system. Weightlifting builds lean muscle and eliminates fatty deposits. As it builds muscle, it rids your body of fat. Depending on your level of intensity, weightlifting can also boost your immune system. Moderate, regular exercise helps the immune system by moderating the effects of stress. As you exercise, stress is decreased and your body produces more white blood cells that fight off viruses, infections, and disease. So head to the gym for your body and your health.

Fall Into Good Habits
With the start of a new season, now is a great time to think about your oral health habits. Are you brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day? Have you noticed any tooth sensitivity, pain, or other changes to your oral health? Also, when was the last time you went in for a professional teeth cleaning and check-up? During every appointment, your teeth will be checked for cavities and signs of decay, allowing the decay and cavities to be treated as soon as possible, and tooth decay is more easily treated when it is caught in its earliest stages. Dr. Layer can also see signs of other oral health problems and refer you to a specialist if you require further treatment. Why not make now the time that you get back on track so that you are reassured that you are in good oral health?

Dr. Jake and his Team would love to hear from you! Got a question? We can help!

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